Takahiro Suganuma

Person of Sound Mindは菅沼孝浩によるソロ音楽プロジェクト。
2013年よりイラストレーターとしての活動を開始し、2015頃から心境の変化を感じて音楽活動を再開。 Ableton Live、シンセサイザー、ギター等を駆使して楽曲を制作している。

Person of Sound Mind is the solo project of Japanese musician Takahiro Suganuma. 
Born in Tokyo, Japan.
He started home-recording from around 2000. After that, He took a break from music in 2009.
He began working as an illustrator in 2013 and returned to his music work two years later after feeling changes in himself and he restarted music activity.
His production utilizes Ableton Live and instruments such as the guitar and synthesizer.